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Hyderabad Bangles

    The most famous is the Hyderabadi Lacquered Bangles, molded out of pure lac and studded with glittering and beautifully cut glass pieces of various colors.

Feeding Bottles
Bath mat
Disposable diapers

undershirts / vests
pairs socks
Mosquitoe Net
    We offer Stylish Ladies Hand Bag & Purse in various, designs, parameters and specifications and are offered for all age groups. These are available in both formal and casual varieties and are known for their simple and easy rates.
    we offer modern trends of versatile traditional ornament which is a fashion accessory enhancing aesthetic beauty. Our clocks have been selected for their beauty, durability, and excellent functionality. Establish your style with designer wrist watches for men & Women. Footwear for fashion, protection against the environment, and adornment.

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■ Hand Bags ■ Purse ■ Vanity Case ■ Bangle Box ■ Ear Set ■ Hyderabad Bangles ■ Fancy Bangles ■ Ornaments ■ Scarf ■ Niqab ■ Burqa ■ Baby Mosquitoe Net ■ Bed Cover ■ Slippers for Men, Women & Kids ■ Night Dress ■ Inner Wear ■ Shampoo ■ Perfumes ■ Wall Clock ■ Toys ■ Flask ■ Chocolates and more